Slingshot (2015, 7 mins)

Frankie is a 10 year-old kid on summer vacation at a run-down trailer park. When Tayla, a 10 year-old girl, shows a romantic interest, Frankie’s holiday becomes a whole lot more complicated. Slingshot is an amusing analogy on modern love told through the eyes of one of its latest victims.  Written and directed by David Hansen.


The Orchestra (2015, 15 mins)

In a world filled with beautiful harmonious music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.  Written by Mikey Hill and Jennifer Smith, and directed by Mikey Hill.


Flat Daddy (2014, 16 mins)

Life-size cut-outs of soldiers away in combat are used by military families to cope with their loved one’s absence. When Kate has one printed for her young daughter, she and Cindy quickly ascribe their emotional attachment to the image, but their ‘Flat Daddy’ creates more emotional upheaval than comfort. Stars Kat Stewart and Kathryn Beck.  Written and directed by Matt Holcomb.


Lazy Boy (2015, 13 mins) 

When Ray brings home a new purchase, his pregnant girlfriend is not impressed. Banished to the garage he soon realizes the old La-Z-Boy recliner he bought is in fact a one-minute time machine. Will Ray learn from his mistakes or is he destined to repeat them forever? Written and directed by Dave Redman. 


Home (2015, 4 mins)

Home, is missing planes and sinking boats; a eulogy for all those whose bones only made it as far as the arms of mother ocean.  Written by Tariro Mavondo, directed by Charles Williams.


Gecko (2015, 15 mins)

Barry is packing up to leave Lismore when his oddball neighbour Nicole invites herself in, and the evening takes an unexpected, romantic turn. One year later, where does life find them? Starring Tiriel Mora.  Written by Jon Steiner and directed by Reuben Field.


Ernie Biscuit (2015, 20 mins)

The clayography of a lonely Deaf Parisian Taxidermist whose life is turned upside down and back to front when a dead pigeon arrives on his doorstep.  Written and directed by Adam Elliot.


The Trophy Thief (2015, 15 mins)

Ben is a young soccer player who believes that winning his team’s MVP trophy will solve his family problems. When he misses out on the award, he takes matters into his own hands. Written and directed by D. Edwardz.


What We Know (2015, 8 mins)

A world governed by strict rules of behaviour…the middle class dinner party.  Written by Marion Pilowsky and L.A. Sellars, and directed by Marion Pilowsky.


Imagination Game (2015, 6 mins)

A man plays an imagination game with his grandson and discovers a shocking secret.  Written and directed by Alister Grierson.


Nan and Whole Lot of Trouble (2015, 11 mins)

Nan, of Aboriginal and Irish descent, keeps a photo album of dead family members. Younger sister Min believes this morbid European tradition is culturally inappropriate. Told with warmth and humour, this short film tackles cultural taboos. Written by Sue McPherson and directed by Dena Curtis.

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