The film is set in a Kurdish village in the mountains of Iran, close to the border with Iraq. Kak Saee has bought an old analog video camera to record the village life. Despite being opposed by some villagers and even by his own wife, he gets enthusiastic support from the children. Excited by his new mission, Kak Saee is on the lookout for thrilling subjects to attract more audience on Fridays in the village mosque where he presents his videos for a small fee. On the edge of the village lives a hermit who used to be a popular folk singer, but for some reason has stopped singing and even speaking to anyone. Kak Saee becomes determined to have him speak and sing again in front of the camera.  To reach his goal he elaborates different strategies of persuasion but the old man remains stubbornly silent. Kak Saae is even reprimanded by the village elders for his disrespect toward the old man. Frustrated, Kak Saee turns to other thrilling scoops on the village border’s secret activities but he fails to realize that he’s crossing a line with unexpected consequences.

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