This contemporary Iranian adaptation of Tennessee Williams'  The Glass Menagerie, portrays the clash between the dreams and the harsh reality of a struggling single-parent family in contemporary Tehran. The mother, who works hard in a factory to support herself and her two children, lives in fear of being laid off. Her sole dream is to find a match for her impossibly shy, lame daughter who in turn dreams of an impossible love; her son, who works in a warehouse, dreams mostly through cinema and of being a poet. Shot between the home and the factory /warehouse work places of mother and son, the film is very evocative of a specific part of Tehran. But despite realism of place, writer/director Bahram Tavakoli inflects a trademark spirituality. All the performances are strong; the role of the daughter seems written for the ever luminescent Negar Javaherian and Fatimeh Motamedarya’s outstanding performance as the mother brought her the Best Actress Award, Montreal.

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