IFFA: Hendi & Hormoz + Bubble

IFFA: Hendi & Hormoz + Bubble


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  • Saturday November 17 | 4:00pm

On the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, according to local custom, thirteen-year-old Hendi is married off to sixteen-year-old Hormoz. Despite the fact that the young couple hardly know each other, they fully enjoy the beginning of their married life together. However, events occur which darken their original joy and lead to unexpected outcomes.

This screening includes the short film, Bubble:
Bubble introduces a couple on holiday visiting family. Having recently discovered that his father has cancer, Payam must decide whether to return to his adopted country with his wife, or stay and care for his Father.

Short-film/Drama, 18 min, 2017, Color, Iran/Australia

Director: Ronak Taher
Writer: Ronak Taher
Producer: Ronak Taher
Cast: Melissa Zakeri, Pedram Sharifi, Mahyar Rahattalab

IFFA: Hendi & Hormoz + Bubble

  • Director: Abbas Amini
  • Year: 2018
  • Run Time: 88+18mins
  • Country: Iran