Flinders University Film Series

A showcase of vibrant works by emerging Asian-Australian independent filmmakers, exploring concepts of identity, place, and belonging. Curated by Nicholas Godfrey, Flinders University College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.


The Plastic House + two short films by Audrey Lam


The Plastic House (Allison Chhorn, 2019)
Running time: 45 mins

Synopsis: After the passing of her parents, a girl takes over the family farm by herself. As she becomes absorbed in the process and ritual of working in the green house, the precarious weather threatens to destroy this new life alone.

A Pocketful of Song (Audrey Lam, 2018)

Running time: 17 mins

Synopsis: A bustling market street chimes with the gentle chaos of a lone, decades-old collectible coin and stamp shop in its midst. The elderly shop owner shares stories of the stamps and the world passing by.

A River Twice (Audrey Lam, 2017)

Running time: 15 mins

Synopsis: A boat making its way along a river mirrors a father’s small turns of thought about his daughter and the passing years.

Tickets $10

Allison Chhorn and Audrey Lam are guests of the festival.

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