Screening with short: 17 Years and a Day. Struggling to make it in Iran, actor and director Reza Attaran travels to Cannes in hopes of making it big. He’s looking to pass on some ideas to festival director Steven Spielberg, as well as rub shoulders with such American greats as Woody Allen. He soon realizes how distancing and difficult being a “nobody” can be at a major festival and has to become more inventive to get himself onto the coveted red carpet. A fish-out-of-water story that’s sure to get a few laughs, while commenting on the state of fame in today’s film industry.

Screening with short: 17 Years and a Day
A young woman, Mona, arrives at a hotel to meet with her estranged father. She imagines a little girl in the hallway, whom is berated by her father. Mona arrives at the door and knocks. He greets her by hugging her and tearing up. He offers her juice and they sit down to talk. He notices she’s wearing a necklace from their past. He reveals some childhood photos. They begin to catch up and he gives her a birthday gift. She confronts him abandoning her. He asks for forgiveness.

She goes back down to the lobby, where her father calls out to her. They have dinner together and catch up. He seems disinterested. She asks him about her necklace but he doesn’t remember. He complains about the food. She discovers he has another family back home in Iran, with an 11-year-old son. Mona tells him her brother is studying medicine, to which her father is both impressed but makes a distasteful joke. She says she went to Iran the previous year, but didn’t contact him, like he never contacted her. He tries to justify it, but Mona doesn’t buy it. He doesn’t seem apologetic to what he has done to her. She storms out.


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