The Revolutionary Optimists is a powerful, inspiring, and unprecedented look at slum children - not as victims - but as innovators and agents of change.

Amlan Ganguly, a lawyer - turned social entrepreneur, empowers children to become leaders in improving health and transforming their communities for the better. The Revolutionary Optimists follows his journey as he attempts to take his work into the brickfields outside Calcutta, where children live and work in unimaginable conditions.

Using street theater, puppetry, and dance as their weapons, the children in Calcutta's slums have cut their neighborhoods' malaria and diarrhea rates in half, and turned former garbage dumps into playing fields.

The Revolutionary Optimists proposes a workable solution to intractable problems associated with poverty, including preventable diseases and ineffectual governance. Ganguly's story suggests that education and child empowerment are crucial keys to lifting entire societies out of hopelessness.

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