Nearly a century ago a young woman is killed by her own father, with the aid of her younger brother. How she has shamed the family is not made explicit, but the males all agree that to save their honour she must die. Her mother and sister do not know what to make of her disappearance. She is secretly buried in the cellar, a space where the women of the family weave carpets and do other domestic chores. But her loss, or perhaps her presence, continues to haunt the family, reverberating through the following generations. Although the film screened at Fajr and in Venice in 2012, only now has it received an official screening permit.

Screening with short: P for Pelican.

Screens with feature: The Paternal House. An old recluse, living in ancient ruins, is constantly taunted by the children. “Pedarsag” (Old Dog) they call him. But one child finds another word beginning with “P” and takes him to visit the strange white bird in the botanical gardens. A poetic pre-Revolutionary film about difference from Parviz Kimiavi, one of Iran’s most prominent directors. 

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