Session 2 – panel talk with local film practitioners, followed by WOW Australian Short Fiction: Award Winners programme.
SCREENING TIME: 1 hr min 44 mins approx

Panel Discussion
We're thrilled to announce Adelaide-based creatives Dylan Coleman, Louise Pascale and Mandahla Rose will lead Sunday's panel session. They'll share personal experiences of the Australian film industry and discuss how to critically engage with the media. Session chaired by writer, filmmaker and pop culture vulture Aimee Knight.

WOW Australian Short Fiction: Award Winners programme

Drama | Australia | 13 min 56 sec
Charlotte Mars – Director / Writer | Emma Forgie – Producer | Bonnie Elliot – DOP

A teenage boy with sleeping problems wages war on his mother’s new relationship. A coming of age and of new understandings. WOW Film Festival 2014 

The Road Home
Drama | Australia | 11 min 47 sec
Denie Pentecost – Director / Writer  | Paul Sullivan – Producer | Katrina Barker - Editor

Explores three interwoven themes: time, loss and regret. It's Christmas Eve and 21 year old Dede, has chosen to not spend it with family, instead is traveling with two close friends to a party. Her younger twin sisters travel in another direction back home. The closer Dede gets to her destination, the more she realizes the distance between her and her sisters is not just geographical. When she receives a phone call about the twins' car accident, she examines their past in hope of finding a moment that will help her turn back time. Stars Elizabeth Blackmore (Evil Dead, Burning Man), Maddi Newling (Candy), Kathleen Hoyos, Brenna Harding (Puberty Blues). Flickerfest 2014, WOW Film Festival 2014

Aboriginal Heart
Drama | Australia | 12 min 30 sec
Michelle Blanchard - Director | Tim Duncan – Producer

 A young city doctor gets bamboozled by the gentle cunning and stunning art of group of Aboriginal women in outback Australia. Sydney Film Festival 2013, WOW Film Festival 2014

The Fence
Drama | Australia | 15 min 30 sec
Lucy Gaffy – Director / Editor | Lyn Norfor & Kiki Dillon – Producers | Sally Addinsall - ProductionDesigner

1992, Sydney - Camodian refugee Virak is living at the Villawood Refugee Hoster, working and saving to bring his wife over to join him. But then they build a fence... overnight the Villawood Refugee Hostel, a place of freedom & inclusion, has become the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, a jail. And Virak has become a prisoner. Busan International Film Festival, South Korea 2013, Flickerfest 2014, WOW Film Festival 2014


The Guard
Drama | Australia | 5 min
Nora Niasari – Director / Writer / Editor | Jo Scott – Producer | Leah Popple – Production Designer 

During his lonely night shift, Tony encounters two teenage refugees seeking shelter inside his car park. Upon discovering their difficult past, Tony begins to empathize with their hopes for freedom. World Premiere at WOW Film Festival 2014 

Enzo's Moon
Animation | Australia | 6 min 35 sec
Sheraden Robins & Klutch Kable Director / Writer / Animator | Sheraden Robins - Producer

Enzo must leave the love of his life when his family immigrates to Waggawagga. Enzo writes everyday but the letters never arrive as he waits patiently under the big yellow Moon. World Premiere at WOW Film Festival 2014 

Drama | Australia | 14 min 35 sec
Miranda Nation – Director / Writer | Lyn Norfor – Producer | Bonnie Elliot – DOP | Katie Flaxman - Editor | Emma Bortignon - Sound Editor

Perception is the story of Crystal - mother, daughter, lover, stripper, survivor. Facing death, Crystal finally confronts herself and those she loves without deception. Stars Maia Thomas (Noise, The Hunter, Black, White and Sex), Corey Hannan, Nyah Shahab (The Slap), Amanda Ma (Blessed, The Jammed). Sydney Film Festival 2013, Melbourne Film Festival 2013, Clermont Ferrand 2014. Dendy Award for Best Short Film Sydney Film Festival 2013, nominated for AACTA Award 2014, WOW Film Festival 2014

Comedy | Australia | 6 min 57 sec
Louise Alston – Director | Eva di Blasio – Producer | Nicola Daley – DOP | Caitlin Yeo – Composer | Laura Aghajanian – Production Designer

Young Andy starts a job in a law firm high above the city. Office manager, Kate, is there to show him the ropes. All goes well for Andy in the firm until he becomes love struck and he finds himself involved in an illicit affair. Can impossible love survive in a cruel world? Will anyone understand? Best Foreign Film -LA Reel Film Festival 2013, Best Score -LA Reel Film Festival 2013, WOW Film Festival 2014

The Interviewer
Drama | Australia | 12 min 52 sec
Genevieve Clay – Director / Writer | Eleanor Winkler – Producer | Robin Bryan – Co-Writer | Charlotte Hamlyn – Production Designer

Thomas Howell gets more than he's bargained for in a job interview at a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of a father and son. This film is a Bus Stop Films project. People living with a disability fulfill cast and crew roles in a supported environment with mentorship by professionals. Winston Cooper (Happy Feet, Crossroad), Gerard O’Dwyer (Be My Brother), Chris Haywood (Rake, Shine), Laurence Brewer (The Cup, Fired), Brendan Donoghue (The Square), Heather Clay. Human Rights @ Arts Cleveland, Boston, 2013, Flickerfest 2014, Many international festivals, WOW Film Festival 2014

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