Today is the wedding day of Polly and her perfect husband. Relatives are happy, Mother is fretting and décor is ready. The unexpected arrival of Joseph, Polly’s lover from the previous summer, brings Polly to the emotional brink, and she can’t decide where her fate lies. Adapted from the 1932 Bloomsbury novel of the same name by Julia Strachey, this humorous drama explores ideas of romance and idealism.



From the Page To Screen: The Adaptation of Books to Film

Join us to discuss the adaption of the novel to screen as we unpick the adaptation of the little known Cheerful Weather for the Wedding published in 1932 and written by Julia Strachey (niece of Lytton) of the Bloomsbury set.  Reading the book in advance is recommended and the MRC has purchased a few copies if you would like to borrow one. If you haven’t got time to read the novel still come and enjoy the discussion following the film.

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