The Deer Hunter is a three-hour masterpiece, winner of five Academy Awards, in three major movements. It is the story of a group of friends  (Robert De NiroJohn Savage and Christopher Walken) and the record of how the war in Vietnam entered several lives and altered them terribly forever.

The Deer Hunter is said to be about many subjects: about male bonding, about mindless patriotism, about the dehumanizing effects of war, about Nixon's "silent majority."  Not once does anyone question the war or his participation in it: This passivity may be the real horror at the centre of American life, and more significant than any number of hope‐filled tales about raised political consciousness. What are these veterans left with? The big answers elude them, as do the big questions.

‘The film has been stunningly photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond, who provides visually a continuity that is sometimes lacking in the rest of the movie.” New York Times.

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