South Australian Screen Awards 2017 Screenings

South Australian Screen Awards 2017 Screenings

Come see the best of South Australian Shorts at the SASA 2017 screenings. On the 13th and 14th of May.

All tickets $10, available at the door.

Saturday 1pm
Feature: Pelican Dreams
Hindsight – Loveover
The music video for Hindsights track "Loveover". The film displays a wounded soldier dealing with a lost love.
Music Video

Pelican Dreams
To protect his best mate from returning to his selfish ex-girlfriend, Ed takes Flynn on a journey across the country and into his fear- driven obscurity.
Feature Film/Drama

105 minutes

Saturday 3pm
Session #1
Triple Impact (Heinrich’s Revenge)
Heinrich's back and this time, it's personal.

Split Me
When 17 year old aspiring bowler Joey discovers she can’t join the over local women’s troupe, will the friendship of oddball and lactose intolerant Scooter be enough to brave this dip-shit town?

A new arcade machine has hit the video store. The high score competition ends Friday. Sam thinks he's a sure thing... Until he meets Ash.

Liberation Kitty Slayer
A young school girl seeks the approval of her video-game obsessed, older brother.

Lost in Pronunciation
A young man escapes the dangers of Venezuela, to find himself in the safest, friendliest state in the luckiest but most confusing country in the world.
Comedy/Web Series

48 minutes

Saturday 4:15pm
Session #2
Maurice’s Symphony
A brilliant but deaf flute player discovers a life filled with love, joy and independence when he overcomes his disability after suffering an industrial accident.

Variation on a Theme of Violence
An Iranian immigrant finds himself in a physical altercation with two Australian youths on a public bus after challenging their antisocial behaviour.’

While travelling through an outback town, two peace-loving hippies accidentally run over a small dog belonging to a family of proud war veterans.

54 minutes

Saturday 5:15pm
Session #3
After All
After All is said and done, all that are left are memories.

The Legend of Yi
James is always in trouble. It’s not easy being yourself, but sometimes when you feel the most alone the right people come into your life.

Postcards from Nowhere
A lonely postman dreams of escaping to the fascinating places on the postcards he delivers. Just one thing is stopping him turning dream into reality.

Upon waking at his desk, a computer scientist discovers that he has developed a sentient computer. As the scientist realizes the computer is not yet fully functional, it begins to ask for more than he expected.

Deviant....Disenchanted...Disillusioned...Distracted. Modern day human traits revealed as multiple lives collide and reveal the deep disconnect shaping our lives.

Pacman: Come Out to Play
A gritty reboot of the arcade classic and original video game hero PAC-Man, inspired by 1979's classic gangland film 'The Warriors.'

52 Minutes

Saturday 6:15pm
Session #4
Sharing Culture
The earth is our mother, she feeds us and nurtures us, and if we don't take care of her, she wont take care of us....Quenten Agius, sharing culture and stories of Ngadjuri country (SA).

Smashed is a cautionary tale of male antics veering horribly out of control at an end-of-high school party.

A walk up a hill and a search for silence.

The Mother – Abbey Howlett (Feat. Oisima)
Music Video - Abbey pays respect to 'The Mother' a symbol of all life, love and earthly energy.
Music Video

Jemima The Fish
In this uplifting slice-of-life film, student Jemima transitions from adolescence to adulthood and learns how to care for herself through her new pet fighting fish.

Alive – Nakatomi
Nostalgic, VHS infused rainbows with an 80's kick. Rotating ferns, soft focus and star filters.
Music Video

41 minutes

Saturday 7:15pm
Feature Film: Charlotte

My Light
A father helps his daughter overcome her fear of the dark by giving her the gift of light. In return, she is his light.

After a car crash, Renee pieces her life back together.
Feature Film/Drama

77 minutes

Sunday 1pm
Feature Film: Istoria
Layers: A Story of Garden Stone
located on the western fringe of the Blue Mountains, the Capertee Valley is a forgotten wonder with a storied, sometimes dark past ready for exploration

Elias Demourtzidis diagnosis of Alzheimer's causes his family to explore a traumatic past within the Greek Civil War in an attempt to find him closure.
Feature Film/Documentary

68 minutes

Sunday 2:30pm
Session #5
1850s South Australia. When two men journey into the outback in search of riches, they instead discover the dangers within.

A Job Well Done
A disgruntled nursing home carer steals prescription drugs, selling them to an ambitious criminal whose upcoming heist appears to offer the possibility of a fresh start.

Spin Out
Jimmy, a promising young Australian Aboriginal boxer, is in the wrong place at the wrong time. With one bad choice he’s looking in the face of death, when family desperately need his help.

Space is Smaller than the Space Between Us
Two relative strangers recount their mutual love and subsequent fictional relationship conceived in a dingy adult video store. Unbeknownst to both, their love is not, as they believe, unrequited.

Wasted Wanderers – In Your Fire
To score the Girl of his dreams, the Boy calls upon some groovy Coaches to become the coolest roller skater on the rink.
Music Video

43 Minutes

Sunday 3:30pm
Session #6
Almost Midnight
Dave, a socially inept entomology student, stumbles his way through six New Year’s Eve countdowns, over six years, doing his best to find love.
Comedy/Web Series

And Beyond
Ben once dreamed of becoming an astronaut. He later discovers that some of life's greatest adventures happen in the four walls of our home.

Freemales the Webseries
Freemales explores the lives of two young women caught in the social shift between the values of yesterday and the modern views of today.

Gone Fishing
Dr Doug Green swore he would never work with bugs or water. Now he is the Senior Aquatic Ecologist at the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. He looks at the balance of water resources in South Australia for both the environment and the farmers, through his field work collecting fish and macroinvertebrate, which stemmed out his childhood travelling around the country on road trips!

A friendly Uber driver with autism confuses his passengers, makes his Dad proud, and struggles to ask his crush out on a date.
Comedy/Web Series

Il Signore Anziano aka The Elderly Gentleman
Encapsulated across three days, an elderly, ethnic gentleman learns to readjust his life following his spouse's recent passing.

In rural Japan, Adelaide-born scientist Dr Scott Groom is studying the evolution of social behaviour, through bees.

Thom Lion and the Tamers – November
Music Video for Thom Lion and The Tamers' song 'November'
Music Video

45 Minute

South Australian Screen Awards 2017 Screenings