Opened in 1992 by Her Majesty, The Queen. Say hello to our cinema manager Mat Kesting. He’s a film guru and pretty much the glue that holds this operation together! Parking is available from either the UPark on Light Square or Wilson’s Car Park off Hindley St.

The Media Resource Centre recently commissioned Lena Fenwick to re-imagine our foyer after 20 years. A lovely modern aesthetic combines well with signature pieces from local designers from our neighbour, the Jam Factory. A handsome bar and cheerful bartender can put together a refreshing aperitif from a simple range of spirits, knock the top off a cold beer or pop the cork on a lovely local wine.




Stay a while in the foyer before or after your session, there’s no need to rush off. A large flatscreen display means that any hirer can run their own small scale slide show before or after the big screen stuff.