What kind of cinema is this?

So, you’ve discovered a hidden gem in Adelaide’s West End! We’re glad you’re here now (albeit online) and hope you’ll give us a precious minute or so of your time in order for us to tell you who we are, what we do and why we do it.

The Mercury Cinema is a not-for-profit theatre run by the not-for-profit organisation – the Media Resource Centre. Yes, this means that you won’t be paying $11 for a large pop-corn or $6 for a cup of coke.

Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992 our little bricks-and-mortar theatre has, for 35 years supported the development of screen culture as its mandate.This means we’d rather usher you to your seat with a nice glass of wine and some liner notes for a Jean Luc Goddard classic, than scour your pockets for every shekel we can grab.

The Mercury is the only cinema to run new release films alongside a retrospective program. That means you can see Ryan Gosling in Drive one week and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca the next.

Cinema is our passion. It’s something we don’t believe can be replicated on a laptop or mobile phone screen. It’s something you’ve got to come in for; grab a Campari fresh orange and soda and sit down in our wonderful Lynchian theatre and soak up a movie the way its director intended.


Do you have the latest Brad Pitt film?

Mostly no. While the Mercury runs a New Release program of film titles, generally we only exhibit new releases from film festivals and obscure movies that others don’t have access to.

What do you mean by screen culture?

Screen culture is the ‘language’ of film. Yes, it sounds a bit high-brow but really it’s just about respecting the art in filmmaking. Give credit to the director but also admire the guy who puts the lighting in the right spot or the chap who does those amazing opening credits to films. To accentuate this we have created an ambiance in our theatre for adults, people who might enjoy a conversation about what they’ve just seen and a good debate as to it’s faults and merits.

What’s the deal with Cinémathèque?

Cinémathèque is the Mercury’s film club. Screening every Monday and Wednesday night at 7PM, Cinémathèque is a curated, year-long film festival which celebrates the best films of all time and pays tribute to the great actors, actresses and autuers.

Can I see a single film from the Cinémathèque program?

Cinémathèque is a club. You must join for a minimum of four films. However, if you join for a year, the average price you’re paying for a film is around $2.50! Check the Cinémathèque page for pricing of membership.

How many seats does the theatre have?

186 and room for some wheelchairs. Please call with your requirements.

Is the cinema for hire?

It most certainly is! We cater for birthdays, corporate functions and even marriage proposals. Call our venue manager on 8410 0979 to find out if she said yes!

What’s your tech like?

OK – so we’ve never been asked this question but we’re so excited about our ‘tech’ that we lied and put this question in. We do it all. If you’ve got something that needs projecting onto a huge white screen with amazing sound we can do it. If you want to get more specific we’re happy to oblige. Just email [email protected]


Mercury Cinema
13 Morphett Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Ph. 8410 0979
[email protected]