Ichiko (Sakura Ando) is a 32-year old woman who still lives with her parents and doesn’t have a real job. Forced to leave the house when her divorced sister moves in, she finds employment at the 100 Yen Shop she frequents. One of the few joys in her dreary life is watching Yūji (Hirofumi Arai) train at the Aoki Boxing Gym close by. A remarkable chain of events is triggered one day when Yūji visits the 100 Yen Shop to buy bananas – events that will see Ichiko begin her metamorphosis from a social misfit into someone who strives to achieve something in life.

Awarded Best Film and Best Director at the 2014 Japan Film Professional Awards; Best Actress at the 2014 Junpo Awards and 2014 Blue Ribbon Awards (Sakura Ando).

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