Figaro Pho

Figaro enjoys the company of his best friend, his dog Rivet, until an accident resets the tin terrier, reverting the robotic dog to a puppy. Rivet’s energetic, puppy-like behaviour causes one catastrophe too many. Figaro attempts to train his tin terrier nut this too ends in disaster. Furious, Figaro kicks rivet out of the house. Then his fear of being alone kicks in. Desperate to have rivet back, Figaro searches the town through his telescope and sees the metal mutt about to board a ship. Now Figaro must race against time to stop Rivet from leaving him forever.

Her Name Was

A Daddaist fable about an unusual girl, born of a butterfly eaten by a spider that was eaten by a fish that became a cocoon and was eaten by a shark, searching for love and acceptance.

Piano Lab

Adam, a scientist, is working to uncover what is actually happening with in us, at the instance when we emotionally respond to music.

Sleight of Hand

Set of techniques used by someone to manipulate objects secretly to deceive. A stop motion film about free will and destiny

The Men from Mars (Aim for Soul)

From the furthest reaches of the inter-dimensional space comes an incomprehensible force that will change the face of the earth...forever!


Mujhe Pyar Ho Gaya (Gurdeepak)

After experiencing love at first sight under the bright lights of a city night club, our hero attempts to seduce his love through sodf and the promise of a life of bliss.

Chains of Gold (Jimmy Meegan)

A businessman dressed as a clown and a waitress dressed as a dancer go about their mundane day jobs.

Desert (Messrs)

A gang of teenagers from the 80’s are stranded in our time. As the rush to return home one stays behind for love.

Daudalogn (Sigur Ros)

A young boy and his best friend escape on a dream like adventure to a place of freedom and beauty.

Issac (Sincerely, Grizzly)

A hardcore game of Dungeons & Dragons takes an unexpected turn when alcohol enters the equation. This loss of faith won’t go unnoticed by a watchful Dungeon Master, however…

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