Amelia and Duarte (Portugal/Germany, 2015, 9 mins)

In this story we are guided through the relationship of Amélia and Duarte, two people that fell out of love and are trying to cope with the feelings that come after a relationship has ended. Written and directed by Mónica Santos & Alice Guimarães. An Australian premiere.



Ave Maria (France/Germany/Palestine, 2015, 15 mins)

The nuns of the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ convent, in the middle of the West Bank wilderness, have their daily routine of silence and prayer disrupted when a family of Jewish settlers come knocking at their door for help after crashing into the convent’s wall. Directed by Basil Khalil and written by Basil Khalil and Daniel Yanez Fantone.  An Australian premiere.



Balcony (United Kingdom, 2015, 17 mins)

In a neighbourhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent arrival. Written and directed by Toby Fell-Holden. A world premiere!



Autos Portraits (Carface) (Canada, 2015, 4 mins)

Carface is a whirling, twirling automotive waltz. To the tune of “Que Sera, Sera,” carefree cars cavort in all directions while the black ooze that fuels them is unremittingly pumped from Mother Earth. The ultimate orgiastic spectacle of our Big Oil–based empire. Let the games begin! Directed by Claude Cloutier.  An Australian premiere.



Nelly (Austria, 2015, 17 mins)

A car drives through the snow. Behind the wheel is Nelly. She is thirteen years old. Nelly wants to go home. Separating her from her goal are three questions, two keys, a diving tower and a racing heart. Directed by Chris Raiber. An Australian premiere.



Shok (Kosovo, 2015, 21 mins)

Based on true events, ‘Shok’ is set during the escalation of the Kosovan War when the country was occupied by Serbia…Our story follows two young Kosovan boys, Petrit and Oki, the best of friends. Written and directed by Jamie Donoughue. An Australian premiere.



Subotika - Land of Wonders (Switzerland, 2015, 14 mins)

Subotika, a little-known island on the other side of the globe. An enchanting country with extraordinary sights, grand visions and a couple of minor problems. Book right now! Subotika, the holiday destination that lives up to its promises. Written by Anita Hansemann and directed by Peter Volkart. An Australian premiere.



Oh Be Joyful (United Kingdom, 2015, 13 mins)

Rita is about to kick the bucket, but before she does she’s got one final job to do: drag her granddaughter out of the closet. Written by Kayleigh Llewellyn and directed by Susan Jacobson.  A world premiere!

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