Kami’s Party follows two very different car trips to a party that’s being held cross-country. Nazanin has killed her sister Negin’s boyfriend, Omid. Before she can dispose of the body, Negin takes the car she has hidden him in. Nazanin goes after her but Negin won’t stop and wait. Negin unknowingly flirts with the danger of being discovered going through checkpoints and picking up hitchhiker, Armin. A true road movie with sinister undertones, and gives a look into the lives of rich young Iranians.

Screening with short: Endorphin.
A man, Arash, lies in a bed in a trashed apartment. He calls out for Gandom. He goes to the bathroom; blood can be seen on the bathtub. As he brushes his teeth, he begins to laugh. He starts to clean up his apartment, and gets a call where he explains he wants to go out. He’s kicked out of stores and buses because he’s laughing so much. He goes to work, where he’s greeted with sincerity. He hands in a camera and walks out. Later, he meets with his sister, where he admits it was his fault his wife and child, Gandom were killed taking the bus. She takes him to a doctor, but he says that as long as he laughs, he’s producing endorphins. As they pull up outside Arash’s apartment, his sister confronts him about his attempted suicide, not said but implied. An answering machine message reveals that the driver of the bus had a chance to go free.

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