Set amid the noisy outskirts of an unnamed Mexican metropolis, Los Chidos tells the story of the Gonzales Family. Shady proprietors of a tire repair junkyard sandwiched between two busy freeways, the Gonzales clans’ days are spent wallowing in lazy, mindless routine. Barely able to converse without resorting to misogynist and homophobic comments, the six of them pass the time glued to a decrepit television and stuffing their faces with tacos, preying on the occasional unlucky motorist. When a confused American industrialist happens into the shop with a flat tire, the family's place in the shame-free food chain is called into question. With his vehicle "out" for repairs indefinitely, a strange scenario unfolds whereby the pale stranger finds himself welcomed into their unpleasant fold. To complicate matters, he soon becomes infatuated with the newlywed bride of the family's neighbor. As a new love blossoms, dark secrets begin to emerge, and both the family and their guest are in for some surprises. Los Chidos is at once delightfully funny and desperately depraved; a satirical, sociopolitical commentary on the dynamic relationships between exploiter and exploited.

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