Tsukimi Kurashita (Rena Nouen) is a jellyfish otaku who has moved to Tokyo to become an illustrator. She lives in an old dormitory called Amamizu-kan with other otaku women who are all just as awkward as herself and have an aversion to pretty, trendy women. Whilst trying to save a jellyfish at a pet shop, Tsukimi meets a beautiful and stylish girl named Kurako (Masaki Suda) – who turns out to be the local politician's cross-dressing son, Kuranosuke. Disguised as Kurako, Kuranosuke strikes an unlikely friendship with Tsukimi and her band of misfits.

However, the ladies of Amamizu-kan suddenly find themselves in the midst of a redevelopment battle as property developers threaten to knock down their dormitory. With the help of Kuranosuke, Tsukimi and the girls try to save their home from redevelopment… But what could five awkward otaku women, a cross-dresser, and an obsession of jellyfish possibly do?! 

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