Best of SASA – Comedy 15 May

Join us for this showcase of the best of South Australian cinematic comedy.  MRC members and seniors (50+) are eligible for $7 concession tickets.

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling
Connor, secretly in love with his best friend Rach, has gotten her an amazing birthday present. Something that’s sure to knock her off her feet. But, when things take a sharply peculiar turn, Connor begins to wonder whether he would have been better off just getting a gift voucher.

Written and Directed by Matt Vesely

Produced by Sophie Hyde & Christine Williams


Welcome to Spoole: Zombie Capital of South Australia!

Written and Directed by Tom Cornwall & Hjalmar Svenna

Produced by Tess O’Flaherty


Breaking Barriers
In the near future, an inept tour guide takes a group for a walk through a Great Barrier Reef that's a little different from today...

Written and Directed by Dave Wade
Produced by Maxx Corkindale & Kelly Carpenter


Heaps Good Hostel
You can rent a cheap room at the Heaps Good Hostel, but don't expect the Ritz; in fact, you might want to watch out for bed bugs, cranky staff and guests that go 'bump' in the night.

Written and Directed by Stephen Banham
Produced by Alex Keay and Peta Astbury


Three action packed, laugh out loud parodies where popular TV, film and video game characters take rivalry to ridiculous and dangerously dizzying heights.

Written and Directed by Danny & Michael Philippou
Produced by Julie Byrne


Fury Fingers - Boom Raider

Down to her last arrow, Lara finds a path through enemy soldiers via an explosive barrel. But getting the right angle and shot can prove difficult…

Based on 'Rise of the Tomb Raider.’
Written, Directed and Produced by Nicholas Cleary


Buying Time
Archie is a struggling artist who is terrible at managing time. It's not until he experiences love and loss that he discovers life's real value.

Written, Directed and Produced by Indianna Bell


A meek and alienated office worker’s peaceful lunch break is shattered when an obnoxious youth eats his peanuts.  Fed up with being bullied, he decides to stand up for himself.

Written and Directed by Lucy Campbell
Produced by Sophie Morgan


The Worst Alien in the World

The final episode of a sitcom that's run too long culminates in abuse, neglect and the end of the world.

Written and Directed by Anthony Frith
Produced by Rebecca Elliott

Best of SASA – Comedy 15 May