Best of SASA – Drama and Animation shorts 15 May

Join us for this showcase of some of the very best in SA.  MRC members are eligible for $7 concession tickets.



Not all people are monsters, but all monsters are people. Alone in the post-apocalyptic Australian landscape, a young girl fights for her survival.

Written, Directed and Produced by Rebecca Duncker


A Short Film About Kissing
Chloé and Charlie are in love, yet the two are afraid to kiss, due to dangerous experiences of the past.

Written and Directed by Jordy Pollock
Produced by Lucy Gale


Peppercorn Babycorn Unicorn

A young girl spends the weekend with her imposing Grandmother. While left unattended she hijacks her Grandmother’s cauldron and attempts to make a Unicorn.

Written, Directed and Produced by Makoto Koji


Living Room
An injured dancer seeks refuge in her parents’ beach house only to find a Liberian refugee has been given the keys.

Written and Directed by Hannah Moore
Produced by Pia West


Yia Yia
From darkness into the light, via a Greek pudding.

Written and Directed by Marion PIlowsky
Produced by Georgia Humphreys


Rabbi Bibbi (an eccentric guinea fowl) wakes early to find himself extremely hungry. Heading into the kitchen he discovers there is no food! Immediately embarking on a journey to quench his hunger he encounters many fun and frightening obstacles.

Written, Directed and Produced by Lawrence Cirocco


My Little Sumo
Hi-ro-ko, Hiroko! Once little Australian girl Daisy gets her sumo name and with the help of her cat Charlie, nothing will stop her championship quest.
Directed by Ana Maria Mendez Salgado & Carlos Alberto Manrique Mendez

Written by Lee Sellars
Produced by Marion Pilowsky


Too Rich
One winter's day an Aboriginal single mother and her two cold, stroppy children make their way to a movie theatre. They want a hot chocolate and a warm heater. At the pre-dominantly Anglo movie theatre the family receives looks of disdain and contempt. Whilst waiting in queue for their hot chocolate the children notice a disabled man who is not allowed inside, and instead of ignoring and deriding him they offer to help. The children share what they have; sacrificing their own wants to buy him a hot chocolate. Together the family and man share a moment of sweet, kind humanity in a sea of loathing.
Written and Directed by Alexis West
Produced by Nara Wilson



It's Christmas 1989, and two boys play ‘Razor’s Run’, a videogame where the line between the real world and the game world starts breaks down.
Directed by Peter Ninos

Written by Lucy Campbell
Produced by Claire Bishop


Two gay men seek to repair their frayed relationship, and confront the silence that has grown between them.
Written and Directed by Gilbert Kemp Attrill
Produced by Thu Nguyen


For generations the Face Changers have made the clay tokens that alter the winds and faces of their kin. This month the youngest is tasked to take the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the east mountain and engulf the town in the winds of change.

Written and Directed by Nathan Jurevicius
Produced by Luke Jurevicius


The World Wheel
Hidden beneath the Earth's crust an immense Giant toils ceaselessly to maintain the world's rotation, until the arrival of an unexpected visitor signals catastrophic consequences.

Written and Directed by Chris Spencer
Produced by Carly Wight


The once in a lifetime close approach of a nearby planet leads the Observer to travel a long distance to get a better view with his telescope.

Written and Directed by Peter Ninos
Produced by Claire Bishop


Upside Down Feeling
Arthur, a young boy with a wild imagination, develops a preoccupation with death and disease and begins to explore mortality in the vivid images he sees in the movies and through a strange visitor from the past.

Written and Directed by Eddie White
Produced by Nicola Tate

Best of SASA – Drama and Animation shorts 15 May