DRAMA #2 – April 14, 5:00pm

DRAMA #2 – April 14, 5:00pm

Come and see the best of South Australian Shorts at the SASA 2018 Screenings. Screenings where we showcase the best South Australian films. All SASA screenings take place on the 14th and 15th of April 2018.

Tickets are $10 each, per session and are available at the door.

Three misfits collide over a box of stolen cash and have one night to get out of town. If they learn to trust each other they might survive.

Wri., Dir., Aaron Schuppan, Prod. Ashleigh Knott

Jasmine spends her lunch digging for pebbles in the school sandpit. She's an outcast to the other kids, but Alex sees her differently.

Wri., Prod. Elspeth Trautwein, Dir. Matt Pearson

A 2D animation short. A surreal journey of self discovery involving a girl and her mysterious elevator.

Wri., Dir., Prod. Emma Hough Hobbs

DRAMA #2 – April 14, 5:00pm