Tomorrow Records was established in 1976 by Punk band Black Chrome. In 2001 Tomorrow Records launched the CD Nobles Oblige at Crafers Hall, the seminal site of Bijou Concerts of the 1970s.

In 2010 Tomorrow Records released a DVD "The Bijou Movie" and premiered at the Mercury Cinema in the Adelaide Fringe the same year.
Tomorrow Records also released Bijou Hall of Fame Movie at the Mercury Cinema during Fringe 2012.
In 2014 Tomorrow Records released Pioneers of Punk Live at The Ed Castle during the Adelaide Fringe 2014, they then released a vinyl record in October 2014.

The philosophy behind Tomorrow Records is to document South Australian original music competing against the 'noise' of the eastern sate media.

Presented by: Tomorrow Records

Tickets: Adult: $28.00, BankSA Support Act: $10.00, Companion Card, Concession: $25.50 

Purchase Tickets: Adelaide Fringe Festival website


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