When Steve (Shaun Goss) is released from prison, still haunted by his relationship with a fellow inmate, he is unable to connect with his girlfriend Susie (Bree Desborough). Taking a ‘meals-on-wheels’ job, he meets Rodney (Henri Szeps), an irrepressible older man, who is the full time carer for his invalid mother Franky (Maria Venuti). Rodney is an eccentric “backyard magician” and brings the same vaudevillian exuberance to his job as Franky’s carer. But he is torn between the love and loyalty he feels for his mother and the need to lead his own life. Captivated by the mother and son’s extravagant world of make-believe, a close friendship between Steve and Rodney develops.

Bathing Franky is about forgiveness, hope and the trouble with using imagination and fantasy as a way to deal with the harsher aspects of reality.

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