7PM: The Tarnished Angels (PG), Douglas Sirk, USA, 1957, 91min

Returning with his Written on the Wind co-stars Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone, Hudson is rendered in a brooding black-and-white, a reporter entering a world of circus aviators, their dangerous profession the centerpoint of a cruel human tragedy. With their final collaboration Sirk adapts William Faulkner’s 1935 Pylon, a project he’d been working on since the book’s release.

8:30PM: All That Heaven Allows (G), Douglas Sirk, USA, 1955, 89mins

Hudson and Sirk fall completely in-tune with the repressive atmosphere of a 1950s US as his golden child portrays the gardner of a high-society widow Jane Wyman, their love affair outlawed and ripe with torment. Unable to so easily cross class boundaries, the chill of love struggling against all odds pervades this wintery classic.

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