New Screen Makers Conference – Day 01

New Screen Makers Conference – Day 01

Day one – Friday 15 july, 2016 • Purchase your tickets here

Session one | 9.15- 10.15am

How to Power your Career Forward

Screen Careers are complex.   Our panel will explore pathways and provide insight into how to recognise opportunities, make strategic decisions and progress a career at a range of stages.

Annabelle Sheehan – CEO SAFC
Kate Croser- Producer Hedone Productions
Victoria Cocks- Director Wastelander Panda
Celia Pacquola – Comedian /Actor/Writer

Session two | 10.15am- 11.00pm
Rick Kalowski – ABC
How to break through in comedy now
Rick Kalowski, the current ABC Head of Comedy discusses what works and what doesn’t

Morning tea | 11.00- 11.15am

Session three | 11.15- 12.15pm
Liz Doran
Tragedy + time=Comedy
This session explores the ways that comedy writing can be used as a tool within traditional drama - as well as examining the way that tragedy can be used effectively within comedy.

Lunch | 12.15pm - 1.00pm

Session four | 1.00- 1.45 pm
Paul Walton – Princess Pictures
What is Digi Guardian?
Is the online space killing television opportunities for comedy or opening doors?

Session five | 1.45- 2.30 pm
Dario Russo and David Ashby – Dinosaur
From Italian Spiderman on You Tube to Danger Five on Netflix worldwide.
A case study on the creative talent behind the cult hit Danger 5.

session six | 2.30-3.15pm
Daley Pearson – Ludo Studio
bringing down the walls
How The Social Circle writers room enables Ludo Sudio to produce innovative projects for multiplatform.

Afternoon tea | 3.15 - 3.30pm 

Session seven  |3.30- 4.15pm
Richard Harris – Screen Australia
Where does Screen Australia fit into innovation?
How are Australian screen entrepreneurs and companies breaking new ground and where is the industy heading?

Session eight | 4.15 - 5.00pm
Julia Overton – JOTZ Productions
Taking the red back to China
The new frontier of documentary funding and distribution

5pm - 6pm | Conference networking drinks


New Screen Makers Conference – Day 01