God exists.  He lives in Brussels.  Thus begins this hilarious satire, in which God's daughter Ea hacks His computer and releases a text message to everyone in the world, informing them of the date of their death.  A beautiful chaos ensues as people reject their limitations and seize life.  Meanwhile, Ea has set out to find 6 new apostles to write the Brand New Testament.  Ultimately optimistic, and visually inspired, the film premiered at Cannes to great acclaim. Stars Catherine Denueve.



This is a fantasy, black comedy. Jesus Christ’s kid sister Ea is living with their dad, God, and their mum, Goddess, in a city apartment in Brussels in the present day. Ea is sick of God’s cruel and violent ways and at age 10, puts an end to it by freezing his computer and fleeing the apartment into the city. Her last act before sabotaging her evil Dad is to text everyone in the world with their date of death as her father, God, has fated it.

This causes first a media storm, then great changes in the world and for individuals, now certain of the imminence or otherwise of their mortality. It is a wild romp as young Ea sets out with a homeless man as a scribe to find another half dozen disciples to add to her big brother’s twelve, and to write The Brand New Testament, based on details of ordinary people’s lives.

The Brand New Testament (literally 'The All-New Testament'- ‘Le Tout Nouveau Testament’) is more whimsical and generous than blasphemous, but still, atheists will be as thrilled as believers will be enchanted, by the new apostles. Feminine values, it seems, have been neglected for long enough.

The storytelling is exquisite; 'Amelie-esque' might be the best description of the style. Elaborately constructed frames of short bursts of gorgeous, surreal elements pepper the action to ensure that this movie is a very rare delight. Gloriously inventive, hilarious, metaphysical, philosophical, big-hearted, cheeky and satisfying.

This is 5 star entertainment for 15 and up. (MA)

Andrew Bunney

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  • Director: Jaco van Dormael
  • Year: 2015
  • Run Time: 113mins
  • Country: Belgium | France