From the page to screen: The adaptation of books to film

With gritty realism Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank) provides us with a stunningly evocative take on Emily Bronte’s classic novel, and one that is far from a standard, romanticised period drama.  Her focus is the rugged rural life and elemental emotions of those living on a dirt-poor, wet, windy and muddy farm on the Yorkshire moors.  Casting Heathcote with black actors puts his relationship with Cathy in a new light, as does the film for the novel. 

Following the film...

An informal discussion entitled, "From the page to screen: The adaptation of books to film", which will be facilitated by Dr. Kerryn Goldsworthy.  Kerryn is a freelance writer, former Melbourne University literature academic, former editor of the Australian Book Review and extensively published author and blogger. 


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