*Lecture and screening*

McGowan advocate (and the first Director of the Sydney Film Festival) David Donaldson talks about the career of JP McGowan, the trail-blazing Australian actor and filmmaker who headed to Hollywood and laid the path soon followed by the likes of Errol Flynn, Chips Rafferty, Peter Finch (and, of late, the entire cast of Home and Away). South Australian born, McGowan fought in the Boer War and came home via America – but never made it past Hollywood where he first acted in and then directed in a career that survived the transition from silent to talkies, and saw him direct over 200 films, giving John Wayne one of his first roles.

Screening as part of the event is steam rail serial episode directed by McGowan The Wild Engine (1916) and Guns and Guitars (16mm, 1938, 57mins, PG) where McGowan plays the bad guy to Gene Autry, who gets framed for murder and, after clearing his good name, gets himself elected sheriff to go after the original killer .

Presented as part of South Australia's History Festival

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