“One of the most original, outspoken voices in young Iranian cinema,” (The Hollywood Reporter) writer-director Reza Dormishian’s second feature film, Lantouri, takes the name of a street gang in Tehran that robs and kidnaps people in broad daylight. The film follows Pasha, leader of the gang, and Maryam, a journalist and social activist. As their relationship breaks up, the two test each other's ideals and ways of seeing society and its ‘victims’. This stylish social-realist drama explores the crimes committed and the frustrations of Iranian youth by way of interviews with activists, friends and hardline political commentators. Described in Variety as “stylistically inspired by Godardian jump cuts, Tom Tykwer’s 'Run Lola Run' photo montages, and Kamran Shirdel”, it is also, at once, uniquely Dormishian.

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